About TurnClick

Our Story

TurnClick was created by a small digital marketing crew to quickly test keywords on client websites without requiring expensive and time-consuming template changes. In 2016, we began building, testing, and iterating upon the concept. We're proud to release this first public version of TurnClick, and we're looking forward to seeing the creative and interesting ways it's used.

The Founders

Salar Salahshoor, CEO

Salar began his entrepreneurial journey in college with the launch of a Seattle-based crepe restaurant called Mobatta. Since then, he has worked in a number of roles from digital marketing to product management, both in his own ventures and in other organizations large and small. He’s also served on several nonprofit boards and has volunteered his time organizing international aid projects to eradicate polio and build schools out of plastic bottles in developing countries. When he’s not working on TurnClick, Salar can be found scuba diving off the shores of Monterey or traveling the world by backpack. He’s been to 25 countries to date, with only 171 more to go!

Matt Eberhardt, Development

Matt cut his teeth programming in ASP (before .NET!) and losing hair over Internet Explorer 5.0 and using such cutting edge tools as Textpad. Fortunately, things have greatly improved since then with his favorite editor now being Sublime Text (with VS Code making a strong showing) and favorite library and framework being jQuery/VanillaJS and AngularJS respectively on a LAMP stack. Drawn to the puzzle like challenges that building cross browser and cross platform web apps can only provide, he is always excited to dig into the next new technology. When he isn’t full stacking it, Matt can be found with his best friends (his two sons), constantly reading (fiction and tech sites), or trying to invent more hours for the day.

Zack Goehner, Design

Zack's first website was a 6MB .bmp on an otherwise empty page, created with a free trial of Adobe Pagemill, uploaded over the course of four hours via 14.4k modem. After a stint studying sculpture, he resumed focus as a full-service designer, serving clients from a variety of industries including real estate, healthcare, and education. As the creative lead for TurnClick, he solves problems by putting himself in other people’s shoes (typically figuratively). When he's offline, he's working through childhood issues playing dodgeball, or using puns inappropriately.

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