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A lightweight tool for heavyweight marketing.

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1. Embed the javascript (optional)

This is the only time you’ll need to touch a little code. Use WordPress? Our plugin makes this step a breeze.

The TurnClick javascript code is just 7kb, served by Google Cloud, meaning the impact to your load times will be negligible.

Or, skip this step and we'll generate a short URL for your modified page.

2. Modify content

Load a single landing page, or modify multiple pages across your site. Modify text, images, buttons, forms, and more.

Create multiple versions of a page to match your keywords, channels, or tests. Create as many as you want, and schedule variations for time-sensitive updates.

See some ideas below.

3. Launch and share.

When you're done, we'll generate a unique URL for your modified page.
Example: yoursite.com/?name=jennifer

Plug the unique URLs into your ad campaigns, email newsletters, or social media campaigns. Visitors who enter using that link will see the modified page.


Include a limited-time promo code for visitors from an email newsletter.
Match your landing page headline with your AdWords keywords and ad headlines.
Use location-specific photos for a particular audience.
Show unique content to visitors who clicked on your email signature.
Make a unique version of a website for a specific person. (Jennifer?)
Personalize content for visitors from affiliate links.
Propose changes to your product, send a preview link to your team.
List Beyoncé as the 2009 VMA winner for Best Female Video.
Share a link with a friend with spoilers removed.

It's free.

TurnClick is available for free. No strings attached. We want to learn how folks use it, make improvements, and launch some new and exciting features in the near future. If you're feeling generous, your feedback is as good as gold.